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Let's get passionate about artificial intelligence

The ISPI Certified Practitioners at InnovatingEdge talk about the need to blend Human Intelligence (HI) with AI. We agree.


By Jonathan Rosenfeld You may not be surprised that 97% of companies say urgency for developing AI solutions has increased. But we’re stunned that only 14% are ready to do it. Those statistics come from the Cisco AI Readiness Index, which is a must read. The company’s double-blind study of over 8,000 global businesses comprehensively covers six pillars of each organization: Strategy, Infrastructure, Data, Governance, Talent, and Culture.

The findings above manifest in a situation we often see with organizations facing systems wide changes and the apprehension of adopting new technology into daily operations. Act now and flub it or do more study and miss it.

In any debate about AI, we have the inevitable people vs robots competitive analysis to consider. And here it comes: Passion.

Passion, as measured by the ISPI™, is about how fast leaders are inclined to act, or how prudent they may be when addressing critical changes. Both have tremendous strength and benefits; it is knowing when to rely on one over the other.

Passion is one of the hidden human elements that the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™) makes clearly visible and for many CEOs or their directors and helps them potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars and may aid them to advance faster in the innovation relay race.

Early adoption of new technology can position a corporation to be on the bleeding edge of industry and market shifts which in turn can be a huge bump up for the income statements. Conversely, the “cross that bridge when we get to it” leadership style, or leadership that prefers to always be fast to act, may find themselves struggling to get buy-in from cohorts or shareholders.

CEOs are facing unprecedented times of worldwide changes and disruption at every level. Eighty-six percent of Cisco’s AI Readiness Index are not prepared to make the transition to AI or Generative AI and are analyzing the ROI for the AI investment, which at current levels has a terrifying failure rate. All while being fully aware the cost of staying paralyzed can have greater negative consequences…including extinction.

Find the passion in your team, then find the solutions. Marketable, competitive, innovative solutions. Business leaders struggling with adopting AI into their operations can improve their odds greatly by using the ISPI™ and have an advantage over competitors by deploying the ISPI™ to their leadership at all levels and departments. Thus, revealing where the passion lies, as well as the other 15 hidden human elements of innovation and the human dynamics that are impacting their AI journey, their innovation efforts, and ultimately impacting their income statements.

We applaud Cisco for leading the efforts to bridge the AI Readiness gap and encourage leaders to include do the same, using the ISPI™ with your Cisco solutions. We’d love to hear from you. Connect with us to learn more about the ISPI™ and how your company can better leverage your human intelligence. Make the Invisible Visible and Leverage the H.I. in A.I.

After all, companies don’t innovate, people do!



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