Areas of Expertise

We specialize in many types of individual training sessions and innovation workshops. Our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. The type of workshop depends on the size and and goals your organization. We conduct from half-day to five-day workshops as well a six month to year long systems for a wide range of audiences. 



Coaching for Success

Each one-on-one coaching opportunity is distinctly individual. By the use of our unique tools, we help you uncover your invisible elements to show how valuable you are. We review successes and challenges you face to determine the type of coaching we should provide. We work with you to design a simple path for you to apply this knowledge to move forward.

Personal Growth

We help you discover your strengths and preferences through our unique tools.  You will gain personal insight into yourself, and how you can better yourself and the world around you.

Leadership Development

We show managers how to change the way they manage and lead. Using our unique tools, we work 1:1 making visible your invisible elements, and how to apply them to develop your leadership capabilities to sustain a climate that is supportive of innovation and achieve maximum performance. ICS has a long-standing track record with leadership coaching, in fortune 500 companies. 



Office of Innovation

As the designer of the very first successful Office of Innovation in the world, we offer an experience like no other company.  We partner with our clients working closely from six months to a year with them in their creation of new. The Office of Innovation is designed to transform ideas from concepts into tangible reality, from the bottom up and throughout the organization.  An office of innovation will bring about the very best, from your most valuable asset, your people.

The Invisible Element Course (TIE)

Innovation is one of the most important strategies in business. Based on The Invisible Element book, this unique course is designed to give innovation practitioners and leaders the tools to integrate the human elements with business and technology to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

Innovation Leadership Training Course

Our specially designed course dives deeper into the Invisible Element and targets leaders with the goal of expansionary to revolutionary innovation.  We teach them how to lead the change inside the organization and to maximize the innovation potential by leveraging the invisible diversity of its people.

Wright Brothers Problem Solving Course

Our innovation course is designed after the life of the famous Wright Brothers and how they created ideas to solve problems in the designing and building the very first airplane. We teach the process that is needed in order to create the best teams for breakthrough innovation to occur. 

Innovation Challenge Event (ICE)

The ICE activities are based on diversity of thought, trusting relationships, knowledge of domain and customer, and different innovation styles. The focus is on finding the ideas which are beyond the organizations normal risk tolerance but would be of great value.

The Innovation Challenge Event enables organizations to solicit, expand, refine, and select strong novel, valued ideas to solve issues in a targeted domain. Then by inviting passionate innovators with diverse knowledge and experience to a week-long workshop, those ideas are expanded and enhanced, distilling the idea to its essential novelty resulting in the selection of compelling ideas to further explore.

Coaching and Teaming

With a broad background from public to private sectors, and from small business to fortune 500 organizations, we coach your team for success. Using our unique tool, the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™), we work with your organization in the following areas:

  • Selecting the right person for the right role

  • Building dynamic teams to exceed your goals

  • Developing your leaders to become more dynamic and successful

  • Resolving conflict between individuals, groups, teams, divisions, and organizations


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Diversity & Inclusion

When you embrace diversity, you create a more united world. We help people understand their individual potential, and appreciate the strengths in other people and cultures and coach them to create unity from the diversity of people. 

Mosaic Methods

The Mosaic Partnerships Program helps individuals from different social groups create bonds of friendship meant to last a lifetime.  By systematically selecting those with differing “outsides” (race, ethnicity, etc.) who are similar on the “insides” (demographics, job, ISPI results*) partner pairs are created with high potential for bonding and mutual enrichment.  Partner pairs are systematically guided through the stages of friendship from “stranger,” to “acquaintance,” to “close intimate friend.”  Through this process, friendships develop that otherwise never would have occurred.  These friendships expand into social networks that enrich social capital across racial and ethnic lines reducing the polarization of the community and creating a better society.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) can be used in many ways, to help people move towards a shared vision for the future.  This is done by engaging others into a strategic vision.  This program can be taught either in person or through online technology.