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Idea Connection Systems, Inc® has stand-alone products that may be purchased below. These are the some of the same products we use in our courses and events found on the areas of expertise page.



This 64-question assessment tool consists of 14  scales that measure preferred behavioral tendencies (strengths) for solving problems and working with others. It interprets styles of thinking, relating and behaving in the context of innovation within businesses and organizations. The score patterns called "totems" can be analyzed for individuals or groups to maximize team efficiency for targeted tasks including breakthrough innovation  

The Four Cultures assessment tool is designed to help make visible the past, present and desired culture for an individual inside a group, team, department, division, or organization.  We use this assessment to assist in the appropriate culture shift for change to occur.  This assessment consists of 17 questions, and takes only 10 minutes to complete.

The Core Motivations Indicator seeks to identify the motivations that move people through life. The goal of the CMI is to clarify which of the nine core motivations are most central for each individual and how that applies to a team. This indicator consists of 40 questions, and takes only 10 minutes to complete.



Our ISPI™ Certification will teach you the skills you need to give feedback, identify the right people, unlock your people's potential, achieve your innovation goals and more.

Our unique course is designed for leaders in their industry who are looking to better understand the mental models and preferences that drives innovation.

Discover your innovation preferences and  how you can leverage the potential of others

Program Highlights:

  • Learn how to interpret the ISPI and provide actionable feedback to others

  • Gain the knowledge of how the ISPI can be applied to everyday life, individual and team coaching, team development, leadership development, leadership management, culture shifts, and more

  • Learn how the ISPI can help create solutions for talent management, diversity and inclusion, and innovation strategy

  • Gain access and understand the functionality of our unique software to generate reports and analyze team data

Certification Includes:

  • Your personalized ISPI feedback report

  • Two practice ISPI’s

  • A scripted PowerPoint feedback presentation for your future use

  • An ISPI manual and workbook

  • A user account on the online ISPI Software

  • The opportunity to practice and collaborate with other leaders

  • A follow up webinar for coaching with our experts

  • Ongoing engagement with the ISPI community of practice

Our Virtual Certification program includes six 3-hour learning sessions

Cost: $2,500 per individual

Our In-person Customized Certification program is 3 days, on-site.  It is customized for a deeper dive into your organizations needs

Cost:  starts at $2,500 per individual with a minimum of 8 participants for an organizational certification



Making the Invisible Visible

Drawing from more than 30 years in the field of innovation and creativity, Bob Rosenfeld has found a direct relationship between the application of particular principles and the ability of an innovation leader to sustain the innovative process.  Organizations survive on the success of their ideas; sustaining innovation depends on the people who make it happen.


Making the Invisible Visible examines both the essence and the environment of innovation; factors that both threaten and sustain it; and the often-hidden principles that are necessary to create a culture of innovation and/or help organizations find and nurture the right people.

Cost $21USD

The Invisible Element

In The Invisible Element, Robert “Bob” Rosenfeld and Gary Wilhelmi share their  80-plus years of experience as innovation leaders and practitioners.  The book lays out practical points and applicable insights for how people can make innovation happen inside their organizations.

Innovation is made up of business, technical, and human elements.  Because it is often invisible, the human element is the least understood and hardest to grasp.  The Invisible Element explains the principles behind creating a sustainable culture of innovation and provides a practical guide for their implementation.

Cost $21USD

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