Idea Connection Systems, Inc.® was started over 30 years ago by Bob Rosenfeld as a management consulting firm, to help bring innovation to the world. We are innovation experts that understand human dynamics and how to leverage individual potential. 


Picture of hands painted to look like the earth

Our Purpose

To encourage a better future by stimulating the growth of a new and ever-advancing civilization.

Our Mission

To partner with our clients in their creation of new, by leveraging their awareness of different mental models (the invisible human elements) to make innovation happen.

Our Values


Reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something


The condition of having or being composed of differing elements

A condition of harmony


The connecting or binding paticipants in a kinship


The body of real things, events, and facts


Our History

Bob Rosenfeld began his 19-year career at Eastman Kodak Company as a chemist, but soon grew interested in the human side of the innovation process, and founded Kodak's Office of Innovation, which helped transform ideas into 2.3 billion dollars in revenue. In 1988, Bob founded Idea Connection Systems, Inc.®, a consulting firm, which has brought him into numerous fortune 500 companies, and has established his reputation as a leader in the field of innovation. With a wide variety of organizations both public and private, his clients span the globe. Throughout his career, Bob has been dedicated to creating environments that foster change and innovation.


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Idea Connection Systems has a diverse group of individuals that work together to produce and create outstanding experiences for our clients.

To learn more about any of our team members, click on their picture.

Picture of Bob Rosenfeld

Bob Rosenfeld
Founder and CEO

Picture of Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison Innovation Ambassador


Sylvester Taylor

President & Strategist

Picture of Gary Wihelmi

Gary Wihelmi

Executive Consultant


Kenn Burke
Operations Innovator DOO


Andrea McLean

Picture of Mike Vahey

Mike Vahey

Innovation Champion

David Horth.png

David Magellan Horth
Vice President Mosaic Communities

Picture of Ryan Ewers

Ryan Ewers

Executive Consultant

Picture of Peter Engstrom

Peter Engstrom Col.(Ret)

Government Consultant

Picture of Frank DiGiovanni

Frank DiGiovanni, SES

Government Consultant

Picture of Susan Bryanr

Susan Bryant Col.(Ret)

Government Consultant

Picture of John Barr

John Barr

Corporate Consultant

Picture of Debbie Rosenfeld

Debbie Rosenfeld

Mosaic Ambassador





Idea Connection Systems strategically collaborates with companies that share our values and help us to create an outstanding experience for our clients.

To learn more about any of our partners just click on the logo and you will see their websites.

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Starting in 1988 with our first client (Hallmark Cards), our experience base has been very diverse. We have helped Fortune 50, non-profits, startups, government and military, mid-size business, as well as colleges and universities. The common thread across our clients is teaching knowledge workers, leaders and organizations how to make innovation happen.

For a more complete list:

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Idea Connection Systems, Inc® has worked with more than a hundred companies in our over 30 years of doing business.


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