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We teach methods and create tools and systems that measure, explain, and facilitate innovation within individuals, organizations, and communities


Innovation does not happen spontaneously. It cannot be mandated.  Innovation is a complex process involving people, projects, and leadership.  We are able to identify the right people for the right projects while guiding organizational leadership to bring about success.

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Doug Chesnulovitch
Doug Chesnulovitch

US Army LTC (ret), former Idea Catalyst, ARDEC, current lead strategic planner for NSRDEC (Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center) “Finally, after forty-three years with the Army, I have in the ISPI a proven tool to help me unleash the power and passion of my fellow scientists and engineers working in the Army's Research and Development Command.”

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President -Hallmark Cards, Inc. “The ISPI™ is a vital tool we use to find the most successful candidates for roles within our company…”

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Dr. Wayne Weiner
Dr. Wayne Weiner

OD Consultant at National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases "It [the ISPI] seems to be a quick and more complete way to get a personality reading than many of the other tests [and]… I have taken most of them."

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