RODNEY A. BROWN [Associate]

Rodney A. Brown

In November 2014, Brown joined HumanGrid (the Tools division of Idea Connection Systems), to address the challenges associated with workforce and community optimization in both private business and the public works sectors.

Prior to joining HumanGrid, Brown has over 30 years of professional experience in business and social service. As an entrepreneur and founder, he served as, CEO at the SADAKA Technology Group in Minneapolis and Austin, Texas where he provided global ERP services in Latin America, Europe, and South Africa. He also held senior management positions at Oracle, Norstan Consulting Inc. and the Xerox Corporation.

Rodney Brown was co-founder and CEO of MagicSTAR, a workforce consultancy focusing on placement and retention needs of emerging market candidates.
MagicSTAR was created to unlock human potential and put people to work through an innovative, transparent hiring process that is inclusive i.e. based on scientific behavior attributes, not just subjective decision making.

Prior to starting his own firm, he was the VP of Family Services at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the largest social services organization in the State. Brown had responsibilities for strategic management, operations and planning for key initiatives relative to services with children and families. Those services included employment services, housing, veteran CORE services, adoption and pregnancy counseling, youth services, financial counseling, mental health counseling, employee resource, and refugee services.

Brown was the co-founder of Nibakure Children’s Village in Rwanda, offering a wide range of care and education to orphaned children. He is also a board and executive committee member of Volunteers of America and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Brown is a business graduate of Minnesota (Mankato) State University. He recently received the Distinguished Alumni Humanitarian Award. He has earned professional executive training from Stanford University and GAP International.