Patrick Leahey [Senior Consultant]

Patrick Leahey
Patrick Leahey is a senior consultant at Idea Connection Systems. His areas of expertise are in the power of Multiple Intelligences, Emotional Intelligences and Self-Directed Motivation Theory. Patrick has been aiding ICS’ desire to use these insights to spur client success in global organizations. He is currently working with ICS to develop a survey that uses emotional intelligence to educate startup entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs on their emotional preferences.

Patrick has a BA in psychology & biology, with a minor in chemistry from St. John Fisher College. He has an MS in special education from Nazareth College and has completed all courses except the dissertation at the University of Rochester in Psychological Development.

Patrick has been an educator for 20 years, fifteen of them as a high school special education teacher, particularly, in mathematics and the sciences. He is in the process of creating The Rare Earth Metals Education and Entrepreneurship Network, which will develop and promote curriculum for high schools and colleges regarding Rare Earth Metals, chemistry and technology.