Larry Van Etten [Vice President & Senior Consultant]

Larry Van Etten
Larry Van Etten is the Vice President in charge of all the business operations of the company. He is also a Senior Consultant, who specializes in two areas: human motivation and competency, as well as organizational structures and systems. He understands the dynamic and fluid relationship that exists between people, teams and the organizations for which they work.

With over 30 years experience working with “human systems,” Larry’s primary focus has been on designing and delivering organizational and team development programs with a focus on building key strategic relationships, managing the change process, and migrating cultures to become more productive and competitive.

Larry began his career at Eastman Kodak where he held various management positions, including Human Resources, Information Systems, Production Planning and Training. He left Kodak to join a start up company, Integrative Learning, which specialized in the area of learning systems, design and delivery. From there, he moved to another start-up company, the Maxim Group, a franchise organization in the floor covering industry, where he was Vice President for Human Resources and Training, helping to grow the company to over $1 billion in sales.

While working with Idea Connection Systems, he has worked with clients such as General Motors, Mobil Chemical, Eastman Kodak, General Mills and others. He has also worked for public sector agencies and not-for-profit organizations.

Larry has an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Math from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also has an M.A in Theology from the Saint Bernard’s Institute at the Colgate Rochester Divinity School.

Larry has been married for over 30 years. He and his wife, Margot, enjoy reading, travel, friends and working together in Catholic pursuits. He is ordained a Permanent Deacon in the Catholic Church, where he devotes a great deal of time teaching and counseling with individuals and families.