Josh Kjolhede [Director of Regional Development]

Josh Kjolhede

Born and Raised in Northern Michigan, Josh studied classical theater and earned a degree from the prestigious Hart School in Connecticut. After graduating, Josh moved to New York City and enjoyed a modest acting career performing in off-Broadway and independent films. Leveraging his theatrical upbringing and training, Josh successfully launched a Children’s Theater Program in his hometown of Luddington Michigan. After several productions in rural Michigan, Josh reformatted his theater program and created PRIME and multiple city theatrical collaborative. PRIME ASTORIA represents his most recent iteration where he recreated the success of PRIME LUDDINGTON. Josh joined Idea Connection Systems in November 2013 in a operations support role and entrenched himself in understanding the tools of ICS and instruments used to measure human dynamics.

Josh’s keen ability to adapt and leverage the often larger than life personalities of actors and directors, suited him well to grow with ICS and expand on his duties and contributions to ICS. Josh now functions as both a business development associate for HumanGrid, the tools division of ICS while maintaining his role of critical support. Josh is actively engaged in business development in the Greater Rochester Area and has earned his ISPI™ Certification in November of 2014.