Deborah Rosenfeld [Executive Assistant]

Debbie Rosenfeld
Debbie Rosenfeld was born in Israel and moved to New York City in 1951.

She has been an educator for 20 years, serving communities in both Connecticut and New York. As a graduate of City College New York (New York City, 1963), she taught her first class in New Haven, CT. Later relocating to Rochester, NY, where she resides now with her husband, Robert Rosenfeld and their family. In Rochester, Debbie worked for the public schools teaching children, and started her family. As her family grew, Debbie focused her teaching on pre-school aged children, where she enjoyed a rewarding career helping generations of children learn and prepare for life. Debbie became head teacher of her nursery school and continues today to enjoy seeing her former students, now as young adults. Debbie chose to leave her teaching position in order to raise her own family with Bob Rosenfeld. The Rosenfeld family quickly grew to seven children, with five of these children being adopted.

When her youngest child entered high school, Debbie returned to teaching in the Greece Public Schools. As a teacher of special needs children, a growing demographic, Debbie enjoyed helping children suffering from autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and the emotionally challenged.

Concurrent to raising her family and teaching, Debbie has been an active member of the Rochester Baha’i community, where she has served as an assembly member for her Local Spiritual Assembly. Debbie shares her husband’s commitment to diversity and the elimination of all forms of racism. Debbie has helped many small groups interested in adoption and often finds human resources for those struggling with severe food allergies.

Debbie joined Idea Connection Systems in 2008, as Executive Assistant to the CEO. This position provides her with greater opportunity to spend time with her husband, learn more about his life work, and allows sharing her years of understanding, learning, and witnessing the infant processing stages, which are the early life exchanges of experience and processing that often later form the diverse personality traits of adults. As Executive Assistant, Debbie heavily participated in the Mosaic Partnerships™ Program, a product designed by Idea Connection Systems to help cities and organizations deal with racial polarization and to find ways to eradicate this destructive force in our society. For the Mosaic Partnership™ Program in Rochester, Debbie worked on recruiting participants, organizing meetings, interviewing coaches and finally becoming a participant in the very first session that took place in Rochester, New York.