Innovation and Competitiveness Forum 2011

Innovation and Competitiveness Forum

On September 19, 2011 Pepita Soler Director of the Idea Connection Systems branch in Brazil conducted a lecture at the Innovation and Competitiveness Forum hosted by the Center for Innovation and Competitiveness (CIC) held at the Firjan Auditorium in Rio de Janeiro.The forum invited a select group of clients & partners, government & state directors of economic development, SEBRAE (support the development of small & micro companies), National Public affairs, Gas, Oil & Petroleum companies, and Innovation Incubators office of PUC University.

The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. Alain Perez, Executive Director of the CIC and Mr. Sergio Texeira, Superintendent State Department of Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services (SEDEIS) of Rio de Janeiro. Both Perez and Sergio reinforced the support and commitment of the Secretariat with the innovation. Pepita was given 1 hour for her Lecture, but due to the heightened interest from the audience, her lecture was extended an additional 30 minutes. The political directors that typically do just the forum opening, stayed till the very end.

The lecture was effective because it created a common innovation lexicon that the audience was able to quickly associate with and use.

The topics focused on;
•What is innovation vs. creativity and how they both work together to create something new like a new culture.
•How trust is built between people and the role trusting relationships play in fostering the innovation process and results.
•Leverage natural differences in problem-solving styles, personality types, and temperaments among team members.
•Innovation requires leaders that motivate the construction of synergy and strong alliances.
•Attend to the “soft values”: your team’s level of motivation, feelings toward the company and themselves and the quality of their interactions.

Innovation and Competitiveness Forum

Forum on Innovation and Competitiveness