Philip L. (Phil) Donihe [President of Innovation Systems-Innovekt®]

Philip L. (Phil) Donihe, President of Innovation Systems
Phil Donihe is a passionate leader and innovation expert. He is committed to providing custom-tailored Innovation Systems that create extraordinary value and quantifiable gains toward sustainable prosperity. As President of Innovekt®, Phil has developed the unique Innpeople™, Certinn™, and Innterprise™ systems. These focus on placing team members and leaders successfully, liberating creativity, and sustaining extraordinary innovation.

Innovekt® as the Innovation Systems Division of Idea Connection Systems® fosters the creative, innovative spirit in companies and organizations. The proprietary approaches and tools of both entities enable clients to develop leadership for innovation, generate creative ideas, and translate creativity into innovations that produce quantifiable gains.

Phil’s passion for innovation has developed from over three decades of specialized experience with leading and facilitating business improvements and transformations while working in leadership positions in major US companies. Phil’s expertise in the strategic and integrated use of a wide range of innovation tools has led to multi-million dollar improvements to the top and bottom lines of many companies.

Note: Donihe is pronounced: don-uh-hee


Life changing for Phil Donihe was his learning of the art and science of Strategic Business Improvement and Total Quality Management through working with some of the world’s foremost innovation leaders and practitioners. Phil worked directly with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, becoming the lead facilitator for Deming seminars in the General Motors Corporation. He learned the power of advanced engineering and statistical methods from Dr. Genichi Taguchi and Shin Taguchi. Phil’s personal interactions with Professor Stuart Pugh enabled him to experience the power of focused creativity in a conceptual engineering framework that set a new standard for structured innovation. Phil has applied his learning in management positions to achieve significant improvements in profitability, quality, reliability, productivity, and success.

Phil has excelled in management and director positions in engineering, manufacturing, quality, reliability, lean enterprise, and business operations. He has led and used the tools of Strategic Business Improvement, including employee and high-performance team development and innovation, to enhance the profitability and operations of the following companies: Shaw Contract Flooring Services, Inc. (Berkshire Hathaway); Shaw Industries Group, Inc. (Berkshire Hathaway); the General Motors Corporation; TDS Automotive; Sea Ray Boats; and Outboard Marine Corporation. He received a Manufacturing Innovation Award and a Chairman’s Award. In these positions, he managed teams ranging in size from 6 to 300 people.

Phil has developed and led training courses throughout his career focused on innovation, lean enterprise, quality, design, and more. Link here for a listing of his accomplishments: PhilipLDonihe-TrainingDevelopedandDelivered-1-3-15 (pdf file).

Following graduation from the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, where he was on the Dean’s List, Phil served as a commissioned officer in the US Army 82nd Airborne Division and the US Army Airborne Board. He received the Commendation Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal.



  • VALUES: Integrity beyond question, service with a standard of excellence, and collaboration in creating new
  • TOP PRIORITY: Making a real, practical contribution to the financial top and bottom lines of companies in ways that ensure their long-term viability and prosperity
  • Working with executive and management leaders and teams to plan and execute new strategies and systems for innovation and business transformation
  • Achieving sustainable innovation and profitability from acquisitions, new entities, or under-performing segments
  • Helping companies courageously engage in transforming their approach to business, form strategic alliances, and initiate new courses of action
  • Leading and facilitating new product creation and development initiatives that contribute to expansionary and revolutionary innovation
  • Leading and facilitating implementation of systems that enable leaders and associates to fully engage in evolutionary innovation as an ongoing business practice
  • Being of high-value service at every stage of an organization’s business cycle
  • Realizing the strategic and financial value of achieving high quality at minimal cost
  • Using a fact-based approach as well as structured and visual methods for problem-solving and decision-making
  • Facilitating collaborative and ever-improving teamwork and leadership
  • Building organizational capacity through training, mentoring, collaboration, and accompaniment
  • Maximizing productivity, return on investment, and profitability dramatically
  • Encouraging others with a positive outlook, helping them to pursue their dreams for success




To develop excellence, Phil has committed to ongoing continuous improvement through specialized training built on top of his Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy in West Point (engineering focus) and post-graduate coursework at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Below is a partial list of specialized training:

  • ISPI™ Certified Practitioner (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®)
  • Lean Manufacturing and Lean Enterprise
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Certified Reliability Engineer
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Finance and Accounting
  • ISO 9000 Lead Assessor
  • Demand Flow Technology
  • Quality Function Deployment (Basic and Enhanced)
  • Design of Experiments & Quality Engineering (Taguchi Methods)
  • Professional Instructor and Pro Trainer

A complete list can be downloaded here: PhilipLDonihe-EducationandTrainingReceived-8-6-15 (pdf file)


Throughout Mr. Donihe’s career, his contributions to the organizations he has worked with have been honored with awards, as mentioned above. In addition, managers have acknowledged his excellence. Quotes from many of them are here: Philip L. Donihe – Accolades from Managers.

Printable pdf of PhilipLDoniheExecutiveBiography-15.10.5