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The Mosaic Partnerships™ program is designed to build social capital within racial and ethnic diversity. Often during mergers and acquisitions, or the rapid growth of populated locations; different groups of people may distrust one another. When the bonds that unite people of different races and ethnicities are strengthened communities are elevated to a higher degree of social connectedness, trust, and mutual cooperation.

A Successful sales of the Mosaic Partnerships™ program to your community is the first step.

Effective change and lasting social capital within racial and ethnic diversity takes time and skilled training.   The ability to manage and guide community or organization members’ individual and personal conceptions requires skilled and educated coaches.  Mosaic Partnerships™ coaches have the ability to help transform lives, transform communities, and transform the world.  We are proud to offer the required in-depth Training and Skilled Coaching Course on Mosaic Partnerships™ program in our Global Headquarters located in Rochester, NY USA.    This training and coaching course along with the training materials are provided to resellers that have secured contracts and commitments for Mosaic Partnerships™ program to be initiated.


We want you and every Mosaic Partnerships™ Reseller to be successful.

Every Mosaic Partnerships™ reseller receives support from Idea Connection Systems to assist in your sales efforts.

  • Links to your organization and real estate on Idea Connection Systems ‘website including the Mosaic Partnerships™ portion of this website.
  • License to display ICS’ and or Mosaic Partnerships™ logos with links to our site on your website (s).
  • Exclusive assess to proprietary marketing materials for Mosaic Partnerships™ Programs (See Below)
  • 24 hr. access to marketing materials and Sales Materials
  • Bespoke Master Class Training Course  covering
    • What is Mosaic Partnerships™
    • Mosaic Partnerships™ How It Works
    • Selling Mosaic Partnerships™
  • Sales Call Assistance and Feedback.
  • Webinar(s) for Additional Training and Effective Selling Models

We offer these tools and materials to assist your sales effort:


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The Mosaic Partnerships™ can provide a powerful and transforming energy to recently merged or acquired groups and the communities in which this program is embedded into.  By helping those peoples that are flooded with strife, and suffering from racial and ethnic diversity tensions, the Mosaic Partnerships™ provides a proven and successful model and methodology towards peace, understanding and respect.  For organizations, governments and the communities most desperately clamoring for a peace and a road to unity, the Mosaic Partnerships™ offers real steps to building social capital within diversity.

Use these videos to help present The Mosaic Partnerships™ as part of your sales strategy.


Past Participant Interviews

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Sales and Marketing Documents

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Sales and Marketing News Coverage

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Transformation Not Information:

Mosaic_PartnershipsStudies on adult learning styles have found that the most effective means of learning and creating behavioral transformation is direct personal experience, which is the primary focus of Mosaic Partnerships™. Heart-to-heart exchanges are the most powerful interactions; they allow participants to question their unconscious or preconceived notions. Through promoting trust and fellowship between participants across differences, Mosaic Partnerships™ fosters the environment necessary to encourage genuine interactions, creating an opportunity for participants to recognize human solidarity.


The Mosaic Partnerships™ program encourages this throughout the program materials, which includes a coach’s manual as shown below.

Resellers will be provided intensive and extensive coaching and training on using the program materials each participant is required to use.

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