Mosaic Communities

Rochester, NY (2001-2007)

In 2001, William A. Johnson, Mayor of Rochester, New York, launched the “Bi-Racial Partnerships for Community Progress” (now called Mosaic Partnerships™) to address race relation issues in Rochester. The program brought together more than 350 total participants in the Rochester community from various sectors of the community, including business, government, education, religious, and non-profit.

Mosaic Partnerships™ is facilitated by Odyssey of Humanity.

Greensboro, NC (2004-2006)

In 2004, Greensboro, North Carolina adopted the program to address a concern around the level of trust and cooperation among its diverse population. In November 2005, 140 leaders of the greater Greensboro community came together in a sea of diversity to celebrate the completion of the first year in Greensboro.

Milwaukee, WI (2006-Present)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the third Mosaic Partnerships™ community. The Greater Milwaukee Foundation spearheads the program. The Milwaukee Mosaic Partnerships™ program launched in September 2006 with 228 volunteer participants gathering for the opening celebration. Since then, the program has reached over 500 community leaders in the Milwaukee region.