Uses of ISPI™

The ISPI™ can reveal many aspects that impact the innovation efforts in your organization:

  • For what types of innovation projects are individuals best suited?
  • What kinds of people will work best together given the type of innovation the organization wants to pursue?
  • What impacts individuals’ motivation?
  • How do individuals prefer to work with others on teams?
  • For what roles on teams are individuals best suited?
  • What is the best environment for each type of innovation team?

There are many applications for ISPI™ results:

  • Individual Growth
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • New Team Creation
  • Existing Team Analysis
  • Project Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis and Assessment
  • Innovation System Creation and Overhaul
  • Targeted Innovation Ideation Sessions
  • Leveraging Strengths
  • Recognizing and Appreciating our Invisible Diversity

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