ISPI™ Feedback

After completion of the questionnaire, a personalized ISPI™ Feedback Book will be generated instantaneously.

Individual Feedback

Each user of the ISPI™ will gain access to their own personal ISPI™ Portal, where they can view and print a PDF of their ISPI™ Feedback Book.

Organizational and Team Feedback

Our clients are able to order customized ISPI™ Reports, which provide feedback regarding company-wide or team-wide ISPI™ Scores. The ISPI™ Reports are available for purchase by approved organizational leadership.

Contact us to create an organizational or team specific database or to purchase ISPI™ Reports

We also offer personal consultation to better understand the results of your ISPI™ and its applications, including:

  • Two hour, web-based telecom debrief for individuals on ISPI™ results.
  • Two hour, web-based telecom debrief for groups or teams on cumulative ISPI™ results
  • Analysis of existing teams based on ISPI™ results.
  • Assistance forming new teams based on ISPI™ results.
  • Half-day or full-day, on-site ISPI™ application workshop for groups, teams, or departments.
  • One hour, one-on-one ISPI™ coaching.
  • “Ideal Totem Identification” to determine the invisible characteristics that will allow your organization to achieve the required type of innovation.