ISPI™ Certification

ISPI™ certification substantiates benefits. With certification, one can license the use of the ISPI™ Software, which grants the ability to print ISPI™ Feedback books and generate cumulative reports. Also, one will gain knowledge in how to use ISPI™ Feedback to form new teams, evaluate existing teams, analyze organizational data, examine a class by cumulative data, and identify strengths and blindspots.

ISPI™ certification is a three day process, dependent on one’s previous experience and skill in assessment tools. ISPI™ Certification can take place via an open enrollment program or on-site at your organization. The design and format of the ISPI™ Certification course depends on the needs of the participants.

ISPI™ Certification topics include:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • ISPI™ theory and its application to innovation
  • Human dynamics of innovation
  • Tools needed to become an advocate for internal change
  • How to leverage cognitive, conative and affective differences
  • 12 orientations of the ISPI™
  • Innovation Orientation (iO)
  • Innovation Orientation Modifiers (iOM)
  • How to deliver ISPI™ feedback to individuals
  • Interpreting and applying cumulative ISPI™ data
  • How to deliver ISPI™ feedback to groups
  • ISPI™ Exercises
  • How to handle questions about the ISPI™
  • ISPI™ Software

Other professional areas, which will benefit from ISPI™ Certification:

  • Coaching
  • Employee Development
  • Talent Selection and Hiring
  • Stress Management
  • Teaming
  • Creating teams aligned with goals and needs
  • 360-Degree Feedback
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