Linda Lucia Meccouri

Meet Linda Lucia Meccouri, Ph.D., Educator, Positive Change Facilitator and Innovation Project Leader

Linda MeccouriLinda’s Topics of Expertise

  • Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change
  • Appreciative Leadership
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Working with Diverse Groups



  • “An Appreciative Approach to Problem Solving”
  • “Appreciative Leadership”
  • “Accentuate the Positive: Drill Down for the Root Causes of Success”
  • “Voices of Resilience and Success in First-Generation College Students”
  • “Making It: Factors That Promote Resilience in First Generation, College Students”
  • “Educational Persistence of Low-Income Community College Students”
  • “Teaching Strategies with Universal Design”
  • “Group Projects: A Tool-Kit for Maximum Participation”
  • “Universal Design for Excellence in Science and Technology”
  • “Digital Divide-Community Solutions for Narrowing the Gap”
  • “The Role of Mentoring in Minority Student Success in the Sciences”
  • “Student Motivation: Finding Common Ground” Holyoke Community College, 1998
  • “Narrowing the Gap – Technology Learners as Community Leaders”
  • “Teaching for Diversity: Teaching for Excellence”
  • “Teaching Adults: Teaching for Excellence”
  • “Making It – Persistence in Higher Education Against the Odds”
  • “Designing for Diversity and Success: Faculty Development in Technology”
  • “Narrowing the Gap: Inclusiveness in Computer-Mediated Communication”
  • “Cultural Contexts and Reciprocity: Practitioners Reflections on Language Learning and Technology”
  • “Testimonies from the Trenches: Teachers Learning of New Technologies”
  • “Working With Culturally Diverse Students and Teachers” Albuquerque, NM, 1993


Linda Meccouri, Ph.D. is a masterful Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, trainer and keynote speaker whose strategic planning, staff development, and leadership work benefits a wide diversity of organizations. Cultivating organizations’ strengths by walking the visionary path with practical feet, she gets things done while maintaining integrity and promoting human dignity. Dr. Meccouri is the recipient of two Endowed Chairs for Teaching Excellence and is highly respected for her innovative approaches to teaching, learning and student development. Her ongoing field of research, “Making It: Persistence in Higher Education Against the Odds,” examines the factors involved in higher education persistence and success for low-income, first generation college students with many of the social indicators associated with failure.

Dr. Meccouri has delivered speeches at National and International conferences, lectured at universities,


Dr. Meccouri is a College Educator, Consultant, and Facilitator of Positive Change and Appreciative Inquiry.

With over 25 years of teaching and administrative experience in Higher Education at the Community College, Undergraduate and Graduate level, she is know for her competent, creative, inclusive, and respectful and innovative style. A rare combination of personal experience, humor and technical expertise makes her an unforgettable speaker. Since 2007, she has expanded her practice to include Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Change earning the Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change Professional Certification in 2010 and the Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Certification in 2008.

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