Dr. Dorothy Marcic

Meet Dr. Dorothy Marcic, Global Business Exec and Mentor

Dorothy MarcicDorothy’s Topics of Expertise

  1. How Happiness in the Workplace Brings Higher Productivity.
  2. Leadership Lessons from Show BUSINESS.
  3. Redesigning Your Work:
    – Make the Last Third of Your Life the Most Rewarding


Though I graduated college in Radio-TV-Film and even worked for a while at the TV show Mister Rogers/ Neighborhood, some years later I woke up one day and discovered I was a professor of business administration–in management and kept on that path for a long time, ending up at Vanderbilt University, teaching MBA students. After many years of management consulting at the same time, a stint as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Economics-Prague, (while living in Europe, I served as a Board member for the European Baha’i Business Forum), and writing twelve books, I totally changed fields. It started when I moved to Nashville and got caught up in the entertainment business. Before I could say *publish or perish* I had quit academia (and a regular paycheck) to become a full-time playwright. My first musical, RESPECT, is the story of women, told through Top-40 music, from co-dependent to independent, from *Someone to watch over me* to *I will survive.* It has played in 20 cities with about 2400 performances. My newer musical, SISTAS: The Musical, currently playing Off-Broadway since September 2011 and was nominated as the Best New Musical by the Off-Broadway Alliance.

I tell everyone I am a *recovering academic.* Plus my newest book just came out. LOVE LIFT ME HIGHER applies happiness research to every day life.

My whole career has been one of touching people’s minds and their hearts. I found that the arts allows a greater connection to people’s hearts, at the same time that they can see things in a new way. People tell me my musicals, RESPECT and SISTAS are empowering and uplifting. And I love that.

What I have learned is that Leadership principles are similar no matter where you apply them, but the unpredictability and chaos of the entertainment business requires the kind of skills that are more and more needed in the 21st Century. Furthermore, you can have a second career that is exhilarating and rewarding on many levels, and it takes courage and fortitude. But it is so worth it!


Dorothy is a playwright, professor at Columbia University, and a former professor at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, with a total of 25 years full time in academia. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Economics-Prague, teaching MBA students and practicing managers. She served as advisor to the US Ambassador of the Czech Republic and was a delegate to both the United Nations Economic and Social Develop Summit in Copenhagen and the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Her degrees include a Bachelor’s degree in Radio- TV-Film, a Master’s degree in educational Media, another Master’s degree in Public Health and a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior.

Dorothy is the author of 15 books, including the best-selling Understanding Management, Managing with the Wisdom of Love, RESPECT: Women and Popular Music, and the recent Love Lift Me Higher, as well as numerous articles and research studies. Based on her qualitative content-analysis research of how women are depicted in Top-40 music, Dr. Marcic wrote two hit musicals, RESPECT, which has played 220 performances in 20 cities and SISTAS, currently playing Off-Broadway in New York City. She started her career in the arts as a production assistant on the TV program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, while in college.

She has appeared on C-SPAN, CMT, and Bravo Network.


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