Targeted Innovation

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Targeted Innovation is an innovation system that provides a process to meet a specific need. In this process, carefully selected teams use creativity techniques, such as brainstorming or “synetics” to develop solutions for defined business opportunities. These ideas are then developed and articulated through an outside panel of experts. Specific areas may benefit from innovative solutions; employees can focus their creative energies on solving targeted issues. This type of focused approach often leads to funding for resources that help facilitate the discovery of breakthrough ideas. For many organizations, Targeted Innovation may be the innovation system that most naturally fits its culture.

How can Idea Connection Systems® help?

  • We help our clients define their needs and goals.
  • We help form the right teams. This is the most important step in the process. Certain individuals are best suited to solve certain problems. Different individuals excel on different levels of the Innovation Continuum. Teams should be established based on the invisible human preferences that will support specific goals.
  • We choose a facilitator who fits the team’s goals and personal innovation preferences.
  • We tailor sessions based on the participants.
  • We provide focus within ideation sessions so each team member leaves with a tangible process in mind.
  • We teach the group how to successfully share their ideas after the idea generation session.
  • We help to successfully funnel new ideas into the organization and secure funding.