Originator Assisted

Creating, Installing, and Maintaining an Office of Innovation™

Originator Assisted Innovation
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An Office of Innovation™, also called an Originator Assisted innovation system, allows for bottom-up innovation. The goal of an Office of Innovation™ is to help idea generators from all over the organization develop their ideas, secure sponsorship, and find funding. In the end, their ideas are turned into innovations.

The key drivers of the Office of Innovation™ are the Innovation Champion and Innovation Advocates. The job of an Advocate is to guide idea originators on the innovation journey. Innovation Advocates act as ambassadors for innovation in their area and have four fundamental functions: enhancement, administration, communication, and connection.

Revolutionary Innovation does not occur through a suggestion box or a website. It occurs when individuals have access to the necessary resources and can turn their creativity into quantifiable gains.

Idea Connection Systems® can help you establish an Office of Innovation to create a climate of trust and growth for originators, in which their ideas can be nurtured and enhanced.