Innovation: It’s About Your People

by Deborah Huisken

Organizations need innovation like plants need water; without it, they will die. Great innovations are always the result of blending the right technology, the right business model, and the right people. But in the end, it always comes back to people. -Robert Rosenfeld

Organizations don't Innovate, PEOPLE DO!

ICS’s Chris Foti shares his thoughts on a recently shared story from the Founder and CEO of Dancing Star International.   ISPI™ Certified Practitioner, Deborah Huisken published a blog posting about an experience early in her career in which an employer who was able to capitalize on a good employee who may have otherwise left the organization.   According to Foti; retaining high quality talent requires a solid understanding of their strengths and finding a role for them that allows their abilities to be fully utilized. Beyond their resumes and learned skills, people have unique combinations of traits that allow them to excel at different types of innovation and problem solving. Huisken highlights a key principle to understanding the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® and points out “Different types of people with different combinations of skills, strengths, talents, abilities, creating different pieces of the puzzle.  Sometimes different types of people who might struggle to understand or respect each other, because they see the world so differently. Yet it is within that very difference that their strength lies.”

Deborah Huisken is a wonderful example of how our Certified Practitioners continue to help inform professionals at all levels of an organizations, just how critical people are to innovation and actualizing organizational success on the innovation relay race.  Her posting is a great quick read.

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