Idea Connection Systems travel to Greensboro NC to attend 35th Annual AMI Meeting

Greensboro, NC -08, April 2016

Creativity and Innovation practitioners gather at 35th Annual AMI meeting in Greensboro NC

Creativity and Innovation practitioners gather at 35th Annual AMI meeting in Greensboro NC

Idea Connection Systems journeys to Greensboro NC for 35th Annual Innovation meeting. The Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) held their spring 2016 meeting at the Center for Creative Leadership-Greensboro NC Campus and focused around the theme: The Maker Movement.

The Makers Movement proves to be huge hit at innovation annual meeting.  Innovation professionals and leaders who manage the innovation efforts at several of the world’s largest organizations gathered at the Center for Creative Leadership –Greensboro NC Campus for the 36th Annual Association for Managers of Innovation™ meeting.   The Association for Managers of Innovation™ (AMI™)- a pioneering 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of committed individuals who foster and leverage creativity and innovation in organizations and society held their Spring 2016 meeting focused around the theme “The Makers Movement.”

Attending this meeting of Innovation practitioners were delegates from Rochester, NY based innovation consultancy; Idea Connection Systems Inc.® (ICS™)  lead by  ICS™ Founder and CEO and AMI™ Co-Founder Robert Rosenfeld.  Robert Rosenfeld, who also serves as the Center For Creative Leadership’s first ever “Innovator in Residence”, was joined by ICS’ Innovation Ambassador –Andrew Harrison for this multi-day event and contributed to the overall discussions, and networking among industry practitioners.

“The Association for Managers of Innovation is something we innovators needed badly.   When we get together it is really great to be with other true practitioners of Innovation.  We all faced similar challenges and turned to each other for aide as we go about the work of making innovation happen.   We created our own community of practice.  AMI continues to be a very pragmatic way to learn how we actually go about transforming creativity in to innovations. “ –Robert Rosenfeld, ICS Founder and CEO, Co-Founder of AMI and CCL first ever Innovator in Residence

In 2015 AMI™ was presented with an award as one of the leading innovators for 2015 among Associations and Not For Profits in the Washington, DC area- the campaign to select these innovators was spearheaded by the American Society for Association Executives (ASAE).

 As an outgrowth of the Center for Creative Leadership’s annual Creativity Week series, AMI™ was conceived in 1981 as a “by invitation” network of innovation practitioners.  At the time of its inception, practitioners of innovation had a need to exchange ideas and were eager to find meaningful help from other innovation practitioners who were actively engaged making innovation happen.   AMI Co-Founder and President- Stanley S. Gryskiewicz-for the past 35 years has encouraged old and new  members to use AMI’s creative processes to find innovative solutions to problems within their companies and business activities, while protecting the initial values and membership criteria for joining AMI.  Gryskiewicz and Rosenfeld created a new safe community of practice that the innovation industry badly needed.

“In today’s society there is so much technology that we can get lost in our heads, on our phones and at our computer screens. Having tactile and tangible work freed my brain up for new ways of thinking and doing… As a first time attendee to AMI, the diversity of thought in the room was incredible. There were innovation leaders and practitioners from all industries and sectors. We used the collective brainpower to help solve both societal and organizational problems. AMI was a great experience.” -Andrew Harrison, ICS Innovation Ambassador

In order to preserve the direct connections and community culture fostered by AMI™,  membership is limited to 200 members with a maximum of two (2) members from any one (1) organization.  Additionally this carefully selected membership base is limited to those who are practitioners in the field of Creativity and Innovation in their organizations.  Although no formal training is required, members must have some background in Creativity and Innovation be a active practitioner within the industry.

Over the course of 36 years in which AMI has existed, Robert Rosenfeld shares with fellow members his company’s insights and proprietary tools.  Idea Connection Systems focuses on the human dynamics of innovation and the human element that is critical to examine in order to make innovation occur.   ICS is dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes achieve sustainable innovation.  Using ICS proprietary tools such as the Innovation Strengths’ Preference Indicator® (ISPI™); ICS  and innovation professionals are able to best harness the human aspects that are critically required for innovation to occur again and again.  The ISPI™ was created by Robert Rosenfeld and is one of the only innovation tools available that provides a” whole person” approach to understanding how individuals innovate and identifies individual strengths for innovation.  The Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® offers 3 dimensional insights by looking at the Affective, Conative and Cognitive aspects of personality where most other instruments only offer two dimensional views at most.  The ISPI™ highlights an individual’s predispositions for a certain type of innovation. The ISPI™ makes visible the way an individual prefers to solve problems, what impacts their motivation, passion and decision making, as well as how they prefer to deal with control and work with others.

Both Idea Connection Systems Inc.® (ICS™)and Association for Managers of Innovation® (AMI™) provide innovation professionals the ability to connect on Creativity and Innovation with peers that no other platform is able to do.   The next AMI™ meeting will be held in Fall 2016, Ann Arbor, MI (October 26-28), Meeting Theme: Terroir. AMI Member Hosts: Menlo Innovations and Society for College and University Planning (SCUP).  To learn more about attending this meeting contact AMI™ or Idea Connection Systems.