Idea Connection Systems Returns From Kuwait Sharing A Message of We are More Similar than Different

Idea Connection Systems Inc., returns from Kuwait after delivering a 3-day Innovation workshop with a message of “we are more similar than different”

Idea Connection Systems trainers Andrew Harrison (far right) and Gary Wilhelmi (standing, third from left) with innovation and culture workshop participants in Kuwait.

Idea Connection Systems trainers Andrew Harrison (far right) and Gary Wilhelmi (standing, third from left) with innovation and culture workshop participants in Kuwait.

Western companies like Idea Connection Systems Inc. (ICS) aren’t alone in working to transform older models of corporate culture into optimized incubators of innovation and human potential. Eastern and Middle Eastern organizations have been quietly watching from a distance – now want to become part of the new wave of innovation and transformation sweeping the globe.  The Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences (KFAS)-wanting Kuwait to integrate lessons from western business counterparts-hosted Dallas resident and Vice President of ICS-Gary Wilhelmi and Rochester resident and ICS Innovation Ambassador- Andrew Harrison to train a carefully selected group of Kuwaiti business leaders on how to promote a sustainable culture of innovation and learn the core principles of innovation.

“We were excited by the inquisitiveness and receptivity, and particularly impressed by the gender diversity of business leaders selected for the workshop,” Wilhelmi said. “They are facing many of the same issues as their peers in the U.S. so the core human principles of innovation apply equally well in Kuwait.”

The workshop featured Idea Connection Systems’ innovation instrument called the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™) which helps participants understand and leverage individual natural strengths for innovation.  “Through a deeper understanding of your own personal invisible traits, you are better able to enhance communication, improve problem-solving, have better team building and develop stronger leadership skills” –says the inventor of the ISPI™ and ICS’ Founder and CEO, Robert Rosenfeld.

KFAS learned about ICS and the ISPI and saw an opportunity to provide Kuwait business executives with an intensive and in-depth learning on how to spur innovation within a conservative hierarchical culture. Idea Connection Systems has delivered workshops on innovation in Kuwait, Barcelona, Vienna, Mumbai, London, Scotland, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Rio De Jenaro, Antwerp, Brussels, Dubai, Canada and across the Americas.

“After the course, I went back to work as a motivated person ready to start the change. You both (Wilhelmi and Harrison) have created a positive difference.” said Sabikah Al Fazee, Senior Recruitment Officer at Boubyan Bank, “

“Kuwait has a very different culture than the U.S. but, as people, we discovered that we are really more similar than different.    We had an opportunity to go shopping at a mega-mall and experience a typical day for the Kuwaiti people; and it is nothing like what is depicted on western TV or in US news outlets. This is a beautiful country and its people share similar joys and business hurdles that I see in cities across America.” Shared Harrison upon returning to his Rochester based office.

Trending globally, companies and organizations of all sizes are increasingly recognizing the need for innovation and realize they don’t actually know how to make innovation occur.  World-wide organizations are learning the human aspect is the missing element and what has been blocking their innovation success.  Many US and Western consulting firms help companies discover that “spark” of innovation but don’t focus on the human element of innovation; which is a core component of making innovation and critical for sustained innovation.  Idea Connection Systems, which was founded in 1988, has become an industry and academic leader because of their dedicated focus on the human element of innovation and the invisible elements of human dynamics.

In its second year, ICS’ Innovation Culture program for KFAS continues to be a great success and is gaining momentum within Kuwait businesses.  KFAS continues to encourage Kuwait business leaders to take their lessons back to their organizations and is in talks with Idea Connection Systems to return to Kuwait for additional workshops that would be tailored for specific companies’ innovation goals.

Abdulrahman Almunayes, Innovation Program Leader for EQUATE Petrochemical Company who participated in the workshop; while reflecting on his new learnings responded with, “Thank you for your gift”.

About the Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®

The Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator® (ISPI™) will allow you to see the invisible dynamics of your people, team, and organization to realize your true innovative potential.
The ISPI™ highlights 12 orientations that compose an individual’s predispositions for a certain type of innovation. It makes visible the way an individual prefers to solve problems and what impacts their motivation, passion and decision-making. The ISPI™ also shows how one prefers to work with others and deal with control. These orientations impact innovation results.

The ISPI™ is taken online at Idea Connection System’s dedicated secure website and consists of 50 questions that take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You can take the ISPI™ as an individual or create an organizational or team specific database.