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In-Depth Biz Profile: Idea Connection Systems
12/05/2011 02:51 PM
By: Mike Hedeen

YNN Bob Rosenfeld

A Rochester-based firm has become a world leader in innovation. Idea Connection Systems helps people in a variety of businesses and organizations reach their potential.

Bob Rosenfeld founded Idea Connection Systems in 1988 following a career at Eastman Kodak. It’s an international consulting firm specializing in the human dynamic to help businesses and organizations generate revenue and cut costs.

“Idea Connection Systems is dedicated to releasing the potential of people globally in organizations. It doesn’t matter whether the organization is a governmental form or a private sector form or an educational institution, we serve and partner with our clients in their creation of new. We do that by working through the human dynamics that make innovation happen,” said Rosenfeld, the CEO.

Idea Connection Systems also works at helping employees inside businesses and organization to work together as a team. A course last week attracted 20 business people from Rochester, New York City, New Jersey, Atlanta, Toronto and London for Innovation Strength Preference Indicator® certification, or ISPI. It’s a program the firm developed about three years ago to help employers understand their employees.

“You can understand their sweet spot for where they like to innovate and create, also how they like to play on teams,” said Rosenfeld.

“You can then take that tool and be able to form teams based on the preferences people have,” he said.

Rosenfeld and two of his partners have authored books on business innovation. They’re considered guides for management teams. Their latest publication, entitled “The Invisible Element,” is being released this week.

“That’s really how leaders and managers of innovation can create a culture of innovation. It’s really focusing on how to leverage people and that’s not a simple process. The book really lays out a process for people to release the innovation,” said Andrew Harrison, innovation ambassador at Idea Connection Systems.

Idea Connection Systems employs about a dozen people locally. The company does most of its business outside the Rochester area, with offices in Canada, Europe, Brazil and Singapore.

Rosenfeld says the company has grown faster than he expected and there is room to expand.

“We are in need of IT people because of the data bases we’ve created. We’re in need of people that have made things happen innovation-wise inside companies or start-ups that are interested in helping other people do that and want to learn the human dynamics to do it,” said Rosenfeld.

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