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Idea Connection Systems Returns From Kuwait Sharing A Message of We are More Similar than Different

Idea Connection Systems Inc., returns from Kuwait after delivering a 3-day Innovation workshop with a message of “we are more similar than different” Western companies like Idea Connection Systems Inc. (ICS) aren’t alone in working to transform older models of corporate culture into optimized incubators of innovation and human potential.

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Idea Connection Systems travel to Greensboro NC to attend 35th Annual AMI Meeting

Greensboro, NC -08, April 2016 Idea Connection Systems journeys to Greensboro NC for 35th Annual Innovation meeting. The Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI) held their spring 2016 meeting at the Center for Creative Leadership-Greensboro NC Campus and focused around the theme: The Maker Movement. The Makers Movement proves to

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Lecture On Innovation in Rio Presented by Idea Connection Systems

Idea Connection Systems, Brazil will be holding an innovation event for Rio De Janiero Executives at the Sheraton Barra Hotel on August 9th, 2012. For further information and to RSVP, contact Pepita Soler, Director of Idea Connection Systems, Brazil at

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Susan B. Anthony Women’s Conference and Expo

What is your Legacy ? To find out, register for the Susan B. Anthony Women’s Conference and Expo, “Taking Care of Your Legacy: It is Our Future” October 19-21, 2012 in Rochester, NY. To register, click here

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ISPI® Certification Training – April 24-26, 2012, Rochester, NY – Open Enrollment

CertFlyerApril2012 ISPI (2) The need for innovation and maximizing the talents of people has never been stronger. Yet, understanding what it takes to make innovation happen and how to leverage the strengths of people is still not a common practice. Becoming certified in the ISPI® (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator®) is

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Seminar on How to Make Innovation Happen

Mr. Robert Bob Rosenfeld- –CEO Idea Connection Systems Author of Making the Invisible Visible 4 Feb 2012- The Lalit, DELHI Introduction Companies don’t innovate, People Do! The need for Innovation has never been stronger. Yet, making innovation happen is easier said than done. To make innovation happen, you need to

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Leadership Seminar on Innovation & Emotional Intelligence

Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning (FEIL) & Idea Connection Systems (ICS), USA presents Leadership Seminar on Innovation & Emotional Intelligence. Success in the current business environment greatly depends on our ability to understand and effectively manage emotions, in both ourselves and others. These skills are key to effective communication and

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ISPI® Certification Nov. 30 to Dec. 2, 2011

We will be running a Rochester, NY based certification session. The details of the exact location are currently in the works. This event will be an invaluable experience for any innovation enthusiast. Click on the flyer to download the PDF.

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Robert Rosenfeld keynote speaker for HRM Expo 09/21/2011

Europe’s largest HR exhibition September 20-22, 2011 Innovation is the very lifeblood of every organization. The most critical success factor for nurturing and sustaining that which is new, lies in an organization’s ability to maximize the potential of its people. In his keynote speech Robert Rosenfeld will explain how innovation

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In times of financial and economic instability steady innovation seems to be the only way for companies to survive. But how can they make innovation happen and what may be the part of HR? We have talked with the innovation expert Robert Rosenfeld, President and CEO of Idea Connection Systems

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