Robert Rosenfeld keynote speaker for HRM Expo 09/21/2011

Europe’s largest HR exhibition
September 20-22, 2011

Innovation is the very lifeblood of every organization. The most critical success factor for nurturing and sustaining that which is new, lies in an organization’s ability to maximize the potential of its people. In his keynote speech Robert Rosenfeld will explain how innovation achievements are based on an innovation continuum, from evolutionary to expansionary to revolutionary and that different people prefer to work on different areas of the innovation continuum. Presenting best practices from companies at all levels, he will outline different types of innovation systems that have proven to be successful. Rosenfeld will also illustrate how HR professionals can check the innovation preferences and strengths of an employee and how people with different innovation preferences interact with one another. He will address the question how companies can find the right people for the right roles at the right time. Additionally, the innovation expert will comment on the logistic elements of innovation like culture, goals, people and innovation systems. Rosenfeld’s keynote presentation will go beyond an academic talk on corporate innovation; it will focus instead on everyday applications in the life of the HR professional.

For over 40 years, Robert “Bob” Rosenfeld has been a leader and practitioner in human dynamics that make innovation happen inside organizations. In 1978 he created the first Office of Innovation ever to be successfully implemented in Corporate America for the Eastman Kodak Co. In 1988, Bob formed Idea Connection Systems (ICS), a global innovation consulting firm with the goal of serving and partnering with clients for the creation of breakthrough solutions. His first book is, “Making the Invisible Visible: The Human Principles for Sustaining Innovation” (2006) and his second book “The Invisible Element: A Practical Guide for the Human Dynamics of Innovation,” is co-authored with Gary Wilhelmi and will be available in late 2011.

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