Shannon R. Javid [Executive Associate]

Shannon Javid
Shannon Javid joins Idea Connection Systems as a highly successful Business Developer and Marketing Manager. He has extensive experience developing and implementing strategies that are systemic in nature that lead to top line growth, an expanded account base, increased market share, and bottom line results.

Shannon is well recognized for identifying and closing major customer sales accounts both in the US and abroad, hiring and training sales personnel, and contracting and building mutually beneficial relationships with international representatives, trading companies, and licensees.

He has a proven ability to develop sales teams that can work together to achieve goals that stretch beyond what the team thought it could do. Shannon sums up his approach in this way, “I believe what we are really marketing is solutions to our client’s problems. Through the consistent use of a ‘solution selling’ approach, we hone our ability to identify customer needs, develop respect for our clients ability and skill, and create with them a course of action that can solve the problems they face. Over time, we must continuously revise our selling efforts through an intense and collective process of planning and action followed by a review of results, the extraction of key learnings, which are then applied to how we sell in the future. All of this must be done in a team atmosphere of consultation and collaboration so that we all learn from each other’s successes and failures. From this comes realistic approaches to sales and marketing that enables a sales team and the company they work for to flourish”.

“A successful sales and marketing person thrives in an atmosphere that is free from an excessive fear of mistakes. A successful sales person operates in a modality of learning in action. Encouragement and respect for the contribution of others results in the energy to act. A successful sales team works together and learns from each other. The key is relentless field effort and implementation of strategic approaches to marketing and sales. Each individual engages in a process of action, training, and learning. To succeed, sales targets, and goals that are achievable with some stretch are needed. Each sales person needs to have step-by-step benchmarks to monitor their own achievements and urge them on to greater levels of achievement.”

Shannon is married with two college age children, Paul and Patrick. He and his wife, Mahnaz, live in Edmonds, Washington, just north of Seattle.