John H. Barr [Executive Consultant]

John Barr
John Barr is an executive consultant in the area of leadership, organizational design, team development, and change management. He has extensive expertise working with senior management teams in the area of developing strategic management systems including: core and business process management, cross-functional and matrix management systems and world-class quality initiatives.

John worked in several senior management positions at Xerox. His last position was Senior Managing Partner with Xerox Quality Services, where he led a team of professional consultants. For the past twelve years, he has performed executive consulting and coaching across a broad array of business sectors, including manufacturing, education, health care, and service industries. He has worked with clients worldwide, including Vaillant GmbH, Xerox, Honeywell, PECO Energy, National Health Service UK, GE Medical, Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation, Carnegie Mellon University and many others.

As an Executive Consultant at Idea Connection Systems, John has expertise in strategic planning and executive development and coaching; he is also President of Transformation Through Leadership. John consults with senior executives and senior management teams worldwide. He has a comprehensive set of skills, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, quality systems, change management, performance management initiatives, systems thinking and the development of learning organizations. His experience in designing and implementing process in all these areas has enabled him to provide senior managers with the tools for managing change and improving performance. Each client has enhanced their productivity as a result of working collaboratively with John to define new approaches to their organizational problems. He has made many accomplishments in the area of development and implementation of strategic initiatives.

John led the effort at Xerox US operations for Leadership Through Quality initiative, which included responsibility for the development of the divisional strategy, followed by implementation of all the training, education and deployment of this worldwide strategy for quality. In this capacity, he coached many teams that have been recognized with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

He has worked with Vaillant GmbH to develop their overall corporate strategic quality plan. For this work, he was awarded the German Quality Award, as well as being a finalist for the European Quality Award for 1999.

He has worked with AMP, PECO Energy, Yazaki Inc., ThyssenKrupp Stainless USA, and the Rochester City Schools District to redefine their strategic approaches resulting in fully integrated, customer centered approaches to enterprise management.