Jennifer Potratz

Jennifer Potratz is passionate about supporting people through change and truly believes in the importance of instilling and enriching creativity through all aspects of a person’s life. She holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English, and most recently completed a masters in Creativity, Innovation and Change Leadership in 2013. These combined interests have stimulated her work with the use of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design as tools for tackling wicked problems.

Jennifer believes in the importance of community, and devotes her time in outreach and development efforts in both Buffalo and Rochester. She is an organizer for TEDx Rochester, an all volunteer run initiative that brings together leaders in Rochester who are truly making a difference in the community and the world at large. She is also committed to creativity education, and volunteers her time teaching undergraduate students at Buffalo State College about the Creative Problem Solving Process.

As a student of life, Jennifer is also a photographer, artist, writer and avid reader. Working with Idea Connection Systems has allowed Jennifer to apply her broad skill set in an environment that stimulates and inspires social innovation and entrepreneurship.