Beth Garver Beha [Projects Director]

Beth Garver Beha
Beth Garver-Beha is a native Rochesterian. She has lived in Dallas and Mexico and has traveled and conducted business throughout the world. Beth’s background blends Global, Entrepreneurial, Education, Corporate, Environmentalism, Policy, Animal Rights, Green Sustainability, Conservation, Health/Fitness, Telecom, Technology, Co-op and Non Profit experiences. Beth’s career has included stints in the following:

  • International Business – Communications, Marketing, Campaign Roll-Outs, Project/Program Management, Strategic Planning, Branding, PR/Media, Image, Collateral, Messaging, Business Development, Relationship Building, Innovations, New Media and Consulting.
  • Leadership – Management, Finance, Consulting, Educational Administration, Teaching/Tutoring/Training, Policy, Technical and Copy Writing and Editing, Content Management, Curricula Development, Instructional Design, E-Learning.

Beth has been working with Idea Connection Systems since 2006. Presently, Beth is Projects Director for Idea Connection Systems and manages the website, PR and marketing initiatives primarily. She is certified in iSPI. On the side, Beth consults and writes (bilingual – Spanish, freelance), develops and delivers training, professional development and curricula for education and business, volunteers for her daughter’s school, Cobblestone School, serves on the Boards of Empire State Consumer Project (VP) and Abundance Cooperative Market (Secretary) and engages in various other education, community and civic initiatives which align with her core values.