Alvaro Ibeñez Doria [Corporate Account Manager]

Alvaro joins Idea Connection Systems as Corporate Account Manager, responsible for customer relationship and marketing of the São Paulo market.

Alvaro has a degree in Organizational Pedagogy from Universidad Panamericana, México and is also certified in Human Resources Strategic Management, by M&A, Argentina.

With a solid background as a Consultant, Alvaro has developed his career in partnership with national and multinational companies in Brazil and Mexico, such as Alstom, Solvi/Ford, Petrobrás, Hospital Santa Catarina, Petróleos Mexicanos-PEMEX and others, building and facilitating different training programs in order to maximize companies’ performance. His training programs are developed and applied by him, according to the companies’ needs. They are mainly related to people development, such as change management, leadership development, team building, competencies, and high performance teams.

Alvaro acts as trainer and consultant in Spanish and Portuguese. He promotes, develops, and delivers Pepita Consultoria’s solutions in Brazil and Mexico.

He is Founder and President of CICCUM, which was established in 1999, and is responsible for coordinating governmental, cultural, and educational projects all over Mexico.

Alvaro is Mexican and is currently living in São Paulo, Brazil.